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People devote more time to planning a vacation, selecting a car to purchase, or even choosing a place to eat dinner than they do to assuring that their assets and loved ones are protected when they are no longer of this earth – this is Estate Planning, developing a Will and YOUR Final Wishes.  It may not be as fun as planning a vacation or dining at that swanky, new restaurant, but without an Estate Plan/Will, you don’t get to choose who gets everything that you worked so hard for…all of the time, toil, and tenacity…all of your life.

We are Experts in Estate and End of Life Planning

Please See Our FREE Educational Videos for an Excellent Introduction and Starting Point for Your Estate and End of Life Planning. 

Please See Below a List of Our Services Related to Estate and End of Life Planning:

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Estate Planning Includes But is Not Limited to Wills

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Medical Powers of Attorney

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What are Wills?

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Appointment of Guardianship for Minor Children

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Powers of Attorney

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Medical POA for Minors in Absence of Parents/Guardians

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Vincent Law, PLLC and Attorney Courtney Vincent & her Team, are dedicated to providing information and services to clients, shepherding them through the process of their Estate Planning needs and other legal issues.


Vincent Law, PLLC was born from a vision - that one day, Courtney A. Vincent would become an attorney to provide access, advocacy, and justice for those in need of legal representation.  This sprung from a nearly 20 year career in public education, where Courtney observed students, families, and community members unable to access the justice system, due largely to unawareness and misinformation of how the justice system works.


Vincent Law, PLLC

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Hi, Courtney, I just wanted to thank you and your Law Firm for all of the help you provided my brothers and me.  Your assistance was pivotal.  How do I tell the world how kind, professional, and studious you were in your approach.   Wow...Just, thank you!

Tony B.

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Are you ready to start your Estate Plan?  Complete the Questionnaire and Vincent Law, PLLC will contact you to schedule your FREE consultation.  Estate Planning consultations are always FREE to SPJST members.

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