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Principal Office located in Houston, Texas


Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Saturdays by Appointment


Office located in Houston, TX (713)223-9300

Estate Planning Rates

Currently, Simple Wills start at $485.00 USD for a Single Person.  There is a cost-benefit if a spouse concurrently has their Will drafted.  Currently, the Concurrent-Spouse-Will is an additional $200.00 USD.

For nearly all Estate Planning Instruments/Documents, there is a cost-benefit when spouses elect to concurrently have their documents drafted.  Further, all Instruments are priced as Flat-Fees.  Once Clients have completed the Estate Planning Questionnaire, and have had their initial FREE SPJST Estate Planning Consultation, the Schedule of Fees will be discussed, and the Clients can choose which Estate Planning Instruments they desire.

When Clients choose Vincent Law, PLLC to draft their Estate Planning Instruments, the full cost is due before any work begins.  Be assured that Vincent Law, PLLC will edit and revise all Estate Planning Instruments until the Client is satisfied.  Sometimes an Instrument will go through several versions before it is complete.  Therefore, it is necessary that the Client maintain active communication with Vincent Law, PLLC.  As such, it is necessary that the Client responds timely to communications, which includes emails, phone calls, text messages, et cetera.

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Are you ready to start your Estate Plan?  Complete the Questionnaire and Vincent Law, PLLC will contact you to schedule your FREE consultation.  Estate Planning consultations are always FREE to SPJST members.

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